The Centre for Occupational Safety

Our goal is to improve well-being and productivity at work by promoting occupational safety and health, co-operation and good leadership.

We offer up-to-date knowledge and know-how for developing work communities by providing training and information.


Safe work, better work

Occupational health and safety are the foundation of wellbeing at work. The employer is responsible for providing safe working conditions, but working environment is safe only when the employees and their supervisors cooperate and participate.


Safe work means

  • Stability of work
  • Sufficient pay
  • Safe work and working environment
  • Fair, equal and just working community.

Important laws and agreements related to Work

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • The Act on Cooperation in Undertakings
  • Working Hours Act
  • Employment Contract Act
  • Gender Equality Act
  • Collective Labor Aggreements

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Work goes happy – how to reach the flow?

When and where did you last time feel while working that the current work, the task, the project is just your thing? Did you feel excited and enthusiastic or maybe calm, happy and relaxed? Where you able to use and reach your almost full potential? How positive and energized were you? Was the outcome special and successful? Can you describe the circumstances and the aspects that made all this possible?

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TE0216_kansi_screenTelma is a finnish journal that specializes in the development of work life.

Telma 2/2016: Prevention is the best treatment

Work that requires intensive mental processes has hidden risks that often come as a surprise. An employee’s responsibility for his or her own well-being is emphasized in independent work. Read more, please.

Preventing and handling inappropriate behavior in the Workplace

PäiviRauramo ttk-2013-1468 KuvaSamiKuljuAre you motivated or even enthusiastic to go to work each day? Do you look forward and feel empowered in meeting your colleagues, subordinates and supervisor? Is it easy to talk to your supervisor about work related problems? Do you get help when needed? Do you often experience flow at work? I hope you answer YES to most of these questions! Working community matters!
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Let´s be prepared!

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Working life has become more and more multicultural and international. If we want to improve safety, health and cooperation in workplace, we need a common language to understand each other. In many companies English has become the official corporate language.

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Well-Being at Work Card

The service

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Longer careers with the job life cycle model

The guide represents an age plan model that takes into consideration all age groups, not only older employees, and provides information for organisations to develop their own age plan.

Longer careers with the job life cycle model (pdf)